Think Anesthesia Podcast

EP4: Anesthesia Induction Drugs

August 18, 2020

While there is some truth to the adage, “the safest anesthetic is the one you know best,” there is not one anesthetic induction protocol that is appropriate for every patient. Patient co-morbidities and drug availability may also limit induction drug choices. Therefore, it is important to be comfortable with multiple induction strategies. This podcast focuses on the selection and use of anesthesia induction drugs in dogs and cats. Topics discussed include the attributes of the ideal induction drug and a review of commonly used induction drugs including alfaxalone, propofol, and dissociative drugs. Upon completion of the podcast, the listener will be able to use their understanding of the pharmacology and clinical effects of these drugs to develop individualized anesthetic plans for their patients. Half a credit of RACE-approved CE will be given for listening to this episode and successfully completing a short quiz.

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