Think Anesthesia Podcast

EP13: Charlotte Waack and Joe DeFulio Celebrate Career Vet Tech Week

October 19, 2021

In recognition of veterinary technician appreciation week 2021 for our Think Anesthesia Podcast episode, we interview two career veterinary technicians: Charlotte Waack, CVT, RVT and VSPN Director and Joe DeFulio, CVT, Compassion Fatigue Educator and Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional, and currently serves as Vice President of Clinical Services for MedVet For Pets. We start with learning about how Charlotte became interested in pursuing a second career in veterinary technology! She outlines the benefit of skills gained from all professional experiences that navigated her from managing a restaurant to managing veterinary clinical practice, to pursing becoming a credentialed veterinary technician to eventually where she is now, developing and directing the veterinary support personnel network. She also shares with us the importance of being involved in our regulatory bodies to support change in the veterinary community. In the second half, meet Joe DeFulio, CVT. He provides us the unique perspective from the top and how serving in various positions provides him direction in his role. He shares with us the desire to give back to the community and profession and the importance of the veterinary technician’s voice in operational management of an organization. 

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